The question is always asked of us, “Do we do Zoom whitening?”

Here’s the answer: Not in a million years. Yes, Zoom is a proven way to whiten your teeth. But thirty minutes into it most people begin to feel like they’re being held captive by a nightmarish concoction of Dr. Evil and Alfred Hitchcock.

This is a whitening procedure that you’re required to sign a release form before the dentist begins. Let me repeat that. A release form. Releasing the dentist from all claims of pain and misery you’re going to experience. Because you are about to be subjected to harsh bleach combined with a UV light that will set off fire-crackers in your mouth.

Testimonial: She prepared me by drenching my face and my lips in sunscreen. I mean so thick that it looked like I was wearing a mask. She told me that it is to protect my face from the UV light. She used other stuff on my lips as well. She than piled on gauze around my tongue, and covered my lips. Next she used special pads and put them all over my lips. She may have used a tape like material to hold them on, but I am not sure. She said it was VERY important to protect all the lip including under the lip. She finished the “protection” on my lips and face and started to prep the gums. She used a selant type gel that hardens. She spent about 45 minutes making sure EVERY speck of gums were covered. She informed me that any part of the gums that are showing will severely burn if exposed to the light and or the bleach.She told me to immediately report ANY sensation on my lips, gums, or face. After she prep’d my gums, she applied the two gels on my teeth. She placed the light on for 15 minutes. (Your dentist will either do 3 times at 20 mins each, or 4 times at 20 min each). After about 2 minutes she came back in and asked if I feel ANY sensation on my gums, lips, or face. I did. A small part of my front gums were burning a little. She immediately took the lamp off and fixed the gum seal. I moved my mouth and broke the seal. Since the seal hardens, if you move it will crack. I made it through the first 15 minutes no problem. She took the gels off my teeth, reinspected the gum selants, replaced the gauze around my tongue and lips, reapplied the gels on the teeth and set the timer for another 15 minute round. AND THEN THERE WAS PAIN!!! About 10 minutes into the 2nd round of 15 minutes I felt those “zingers”. Holy CRAP!!!!! THEY feel like someone is nailing your teeth nerves with a sledgehammer and tiny needles. OUCH. I have NEVER had pain like this. It was a pulsating type of pain. It lasted only a few seconds and passed. Then they happened again and again. Now, having passed a kidney stone, gone through 9 hours of “coupling” child birth labor pains, and having been stabbed in the leg I can honestly say that I would rather have all three of those happen to me at the same time than have this pain. Okay, so you say…. a painful zinger here and there… no biggy. It will eventually go away right? That is what I thought. I immediately stopped the procedure, had everything taken out of my mouth and off my face, took the meds they gave me and left. The drive home the zingers were HORRIBLE. I went home and fell to the floor just rolling in pain. I called my regular dentist, and he had me come in right away. He is NOT a fan of the in office whitening procedures for this very reason. Anyways, he prescribed to me painkillers and a mouth wash that is basically Litacain. I picked up these items (in pain) and took them home. The zingers were not constant for me, and I only had about 10 every hour (although one in a lifetime is more than enough). So I didn’t take the meds YET. I fell asleep. I woke up about 1 hour later and all he** broke loose in my mouth. Every one of my teeth were screaming with pain. Not quite the pain of the zingers, but none the less this was a constant pain. TERRIBLE pain. I didn’t want to MOVE. I immediately took the painkillers and used the mouthwash… and after an hour gave up hope that either of these would help. It was HORRIBLE PAIN. In the end, I had to stick it out. The pain lasted 17 hours total. The next day my teeth felt better, but were still sensitive (at a level that I could handle). Many people reading this my think I am weak, have a low pain threshold, etc, but if you do your research, you will find that I am NOT alone and MOST people who write the reviews will describe the same thing I am explaining now. Having said that this is the outcome. My teeth never whitened using the bleaching trays. That is why I wanted to try this procedure. I went in and my teeth were the yellowist color on the “teeth” scale before turning into the gray/yellow shades. Immediately after the procedure my teeth were at the whitest on the scale (and remember I only went through 1 session at 15 min, and 1 session at 10 minutes). After a few days and after my teeth resealed themselves, my teeth were between the 3rd and 4th whitest on the white side of the teeth color scale (according to the many reviews I have read, this is common that they become less white after they reseal, unlike what the dentist tells you about your teeth will continue to whiten for 2-3 days… that is bull and I have yet to hear anyone confirm that they DO continue to whiten for the following 2-3 days). Anyways, I was sent home with more at home bleach to continue to use for the following 3 days ( after the pain I felt, I gave it more like 2 weeks). I never did use the 22percent strength formula they gave me to use. I just used a 15 percent peroxide tubes that I got from my original dentist. This took my teeth 1 shade white within a week. And I am happy with that. My conclusion is this. If you are willing to risk having to deal with the extreme extreme nerve pain in your teeth for about a day(50 x’s worse than a root canal WITHOUT the numbing), possible 3rd degree burns on your gums, lip, tongue, etc,and you can afford to drop the money on this procedure than that is 100 percent your choice. I educated myself and new to make sure my gums, lips, face etc. were 100 percent protected. I went for it. Although the pain was extreme; and if you asked me on the day I had this pain, I would have told you that it is NOT worth it.

At Mint, we use the safest, most painless, most efficient way to whiten teeth which is with custom-made trays and dental strength whitening gel. It’s very similar to what the dentist gives you after Zoom to help it work.

But our whitening system is stronger and better. Put the gel in the trays every night for four or five nights for about an hour and your teeth will get about seven shades lighter.


The other thing is Zoom can cost you up to $500 . . . that’s with a release form. If you have PPO Dental Insurance, Mint Dentistry’s whitening system will cost you . . . absolutely nothing.

Save yourself a lot pain. Save yourself a lot of money. Check out Mint’s Free Whitening with PPO Insurance today.