We love our Mint Gear shirts and today we want to show you three super cool outfit ideas to wear them for this summer. Our first outfit is our Flirty Date Outfit. This shirt was inspired by our very own Sabrina Harrison. As strong independent women we always want to make sure we do three things: Pray, Hustle and Believe. 6Z1A6873We should always put God first in everything we do, as well as work hard and be a boss as you believe in everything you do with confidence. That is honestly all you need. Trust us.. Wear this on a date and your date will KNOW you are a confident boss babe!6Z1A6921


Our second outfit is for our summer girl that wants to spend time by the pool. What better way to head out in this summer heat then with our smile more shirt.. Super soft and comfy.. Add some shorts and you’ve got the perfect summer outfit! We love how our Mint Model looks laid back and summer ready for some poolside fun!



Our last look is a simple everyday go-to look that can be worn on a day out in the city. We love our ‘Don’t hurt my fillings shirt’ It is the most clever shirt we  have yet.. And why wouldn’t you want to have this in your closet?




So get your Mint Gear Shirts now! With Mint Gear, all our proceeds go to charitable causes.

Stay Sexy Mint Family