You’ve probably heard that flossing is suddenly controversial. Here at MintTalks, we’re here to report the truth however uncomfortable it might be.  It turns out that while scientists can prove “expert” flossing performed by a dentist can reduce calories and probably gingivitis, “amateur” flossing – performed by normal humans may not be so effective. Take this news at your own peril. Our recommendation is that you ignore this and continue flossing as before.


But if this information has made you rethink the whole flossing thing, you may be wondering what to do with that five miles of floss you ordered from Costco. Incredibly the New York Times has some ideas.


Cut a cake. You’re at your birthday party. You’re out of knives. But you have floss in the silver drawer . . . this video will tell you what to do next.


Hang a picture. Yes, we know the proven, standard way is with picture wire, but that can damage your walls. Floss is safe enough for gums. So there.


Make music. Very weird guitar music like this, that sort of makes you want to go brush your teeth.


Silencing a dripping faucet. We’ve all be there. It’s 2 am, your dripping faucet sounds like Niagara Falls and there’s no plumber less than $250 in sight. But lucky you, you do have a drawer full of floss. That can help guide the water silently down the drain.


Escape prison. With enough floss you don’t have to wait for parole. One guy made a rope of floss.

                   Another man combined it toothpaste saw his way out.


Catch dinner. Only a fool would use a fishing rod and dental floss. But then again his brother is in prison making a ladder out of rope.


Tie your shoes. You’ll never find this look on a pair of Tom Ford $3000 shoes. But it’s so weird, it’s not completely impossible.


Sewing up your gunshot wounds. Only used by escaping prisoners who didn’t use all their floss on their ladder. Happened in 2012.


Pull loose baby teeth. To see how it feels, practice on yourself first.