Written by: Ashley Salinas

Before getting my veneers I hadn’t been to the dentist in over 5 years (yuck is the word you’re  looking for). My experience with the dentist basically left me not wanting to go back ever again. My only exception of going to the dentist was if I was in excruciating pain, which in my case never came (Thank God). So you’re probably wondering how the heck I got the courage to walk into another dentist office and get veneers.

Being teased all through middle school and high school about my gap and overbite was very hard to deal with then. The things that were said followed me and had affected me in my adult life.

I was listening to the radio one day on the way to work and I heard a Mint Dentistry commercial. It was saying something about fixing your smile with veneers (it was probably my third time I had heard that commercial that morning). Something was telling me I needed to give them a try. Being haunted by those words for so long is what gave me the courage to go.  I decided that I should go and get a consultation and find out the process . I made an appointment for my consultation the very next day . I went in and I spoke with Dr. Field Harrison and before even asking about the veneers I asked about this bonding process that I looked up, which is another way to close your gap. Dr. Harrison agreed that they could do it, but it wasn’t recommended since it wasn’t meant to be a permanent solution to my problem. Bonding can easy break off even just by eating a chip. He also said that it would look like I have one big tooth or a big piece of chicle (Spanish for gum). I laughed and asked him about the Veneer process.

Dr. Harrison talked me through the process and he said whatever problems I had with the other dentists I had been to that I would leave Mint feeling totally different. A few days after getting my consultation, I walked back into Mint Dentistry. With my heart beating out of my chest, I was greeted by smiling faces eager to get me checked in. After getting the paperwork filled out they handed me Beat headphones and an iPad so I could listen to music or just browse the internet! (Does your dentist give you an iPad and Beat headphones while you wait?) I’m also glad that they offered me water because I felt that hard lump in my throat that I get from being so nervous. Soon after sitting down It was my turn to head to the back. I was able to take the Beat headphones and iPad back with me.

The Dental Assistant sat me down in my chair and made sure I was comfortable. Then she asked if I wanted the chair massage on, I think I looked at her crazy because she just smiled and laughed and said, “Yes, we make sure we take care of our patients here at Mint.” I’m glad she turned it on because it help me with my nerves too. I didn’t wait long for Dr. Harrison to come in. He explained every detail for the veneer process. He said that they would numb me (I stopped him there and told him what happened the last time I was numbed by a dentist) and he reassured me that I wouldn’t feel a thing. Then after the numbing process they would start by filling my teeth down to little bitty baby nubs, (yes little bitty baby nubs because the veneers would my be my permanent teeth). Then Dr.Harrison said they would take impressions of my teeth. The last step would be the temporary veneers that I would have until my real veneers came in .

He made sure I was comfortable and the process began. The Dental Assistant came in and applied the numbing gel and then Dr.Kweik came to numb me, and I didn’t feel a thing! I’m guessing the numbing medicine had a little affect on me because I swelled up like one of the who’s… you know from the Grinch Who Stole Christmas. Then Dr. Nora Kweik started working on me. All the steps that Dr.Harrison told me would happen did and the best part about it was I didn’t feel a thing. I actually had Dr. Harrison and Dr. Kweik working on me to give me my best smile. I guess you can say I had my own team of doctors!  The whole process took about 2 hours. After they were done Dr. Harrison gave me a mirror to look at my new smile. I held the mirror in my hand and as soon as I looked into the mirror I cried! Yes, that’s right I cried! I saw a perfect smile and it wasn’t on someone else, it was on me .

After the process was done I was all set with my temporary veneers. The temporary veneers took awhile to get use to. I did have a little bit of pain and that was because they also did a little gum work on me but it wasn’t anything I couldn’t  handle. I also had to eat very carefully for a few weeks until my real veneers came in. A few weeks passed and I got the call that my veneers were in. So I went into Mint Dentistry the next day and they gave me my permanent smile. Now that process took no more than one hour. I had my same team of doctors, Dr. Harrison and Dr.Kweik. They took off my temps and put my permanent teeth in.

I could go on and on about all the compliments I get about how gorgeous my teeth are but then this post would never end. Mint Dentistry has forever changed my smile and my experience with the dentist.

Thank you !