Should you bribe your child with cookies to get her to brush her teeth?

In a heartbeat. Bribe her with cookies, cupcakes, chocolate icing. Just bribe her before

she brushes her teeth. And there are some amazing toothpaste flavors out there. We have no problem with bribery, especially if it can lead to a lifetime of good oral hygiene. Bribery can also lead to quicker potty training. In fact as your child grows older, you’ll find bribery is a very important arrow to have in your quiver.


My son likes to eat toothpaste? Is that dangerous?

Three thoughts here: One, your son isn’t getting enough food; two, there are worse things for him to eat than toothpaste (see above.); and three, he has great breath. Here’s the deal, if you’re buying toothpaste for kids, then it probably tastes like cupcakes or bananas which is way better than say okra. Switch the toothpaste to a bit stronger mint flavor and he won’t be so apt to enjoy it as an after dinner snack. Also teaching him to spit after brushing is a great way to teach him what you’re supposed to do with toothpaste.


Does bacon flavor toothpaste taste good?

What do you think?


Would you ever recommend Jet Black Eggplant toothpaste?

It contains eggplant, charcoal and salt. And it’s black. And it can stain your clothes,

Go for it.


What does a Jayne Mansfield water bottle have to do with whiskey toothpaste?

They were both big sellers in the 1950s. Fortunately or unfortunately, depending on your view, neither Jayne, her hot water bottle or the toothpaste made by the same company, or really even the company are now with us.


What’s the purpose of toothpaste anyway?

Well the bottom line is that most toothpaste contains fluoride which is a proven cavity blocker. But only if you brush it on. Eating it only fluorides your tongue. Aside from that, toothpaste is pretty pointless except to entice you to brush your teeth twice a day. But really the key word there is “brush.” Well, let me back up: there’s whitening toothpaste.

Which might work. In a hundred years. But again only if you brush it on.