1. Hold an Instagram Top Model contest where the winners with the most likes will become the models for a Mint campaign.
  2. Have five people agree on the four winners.
  3. Have the winners come to the Highland Hotel where they are met by the creative director who – in stunning display of confidence – decides to shoot the campaign himself.
  4. He spends two hours telling them to turn, smile, open their eyes and toss their hair.
  5. Not happy, he directs the entire party out of the hotel and down the block to the nearest Mint.
  6. He starts shooting more pictures in the lobby, when who drops by are the President and his wife. They want to meet the models.
  7. They are dressed for a formal occasion which might explain the white dinner jacket on the President.
  8. They have with them their two year-old son.
  9. After the creative director was done shooting the models, he noticed the president on the couch playing with his son.
  10. He thought “Why not?” and started shooting them.
  11. Thinking a great family photograph was emerging he asked the president’s wife to join her husband and son on the couch.
  12. At this point the two year-old lost interest and wandered off looking for trouble.
  13. The President and his wife started laughing at their son. The creative director kept shooting.
  14. Now thoroughly amused the President and his wife started posing in well, strange poses. The creative director kept shooting.
  15. The creative director moved them to an operatory where more hilarious photographs were taken.
  16. The next morning, the marketing director saw the photos. To everyone’s amazement he said, “This is your next billboard campaign.”
  17. Hesitantly the creative director and president agreed, but wondered about the copy.
  18. The marketing director added the brilliant line, “Mint Dentistry.”
  19. Satisfied with his luminous copy, the marketing director called the billboard company.
  20. .The most controversial, talked about billboard campaign in Dallas was soon launched..