AT&T Stadium is where the Cowboys do battle in the Fall. But this past March 12, an entirely different battle took place: a free wheeling five minute, gun blazing (sort of) Nerf War consisting of over 2,700 people, setting a Guinness World Record for the World’s Largest Nerf Battle dwarfing the previous record of 800 people. There were also 2700 survivors.


Dr. Field Harrison, CEO of Mint Dentistry said, “We’re honored to be the Title Sponsor of the World’s Largest Nerf Battle and I want to thank Jerry Jones for letting us stage this at AT&T Stadium. It’s really the only venue where an event of this magnitude could be staged. The cause was great. And it was nice for this home crowd to finally win a title in this stadium.”

But there was a lot more to this Nerf War than heavily armed squadrons of Nerf blaster owners: all the profits went to the victims of the tornadoes that slammed into Garland and Rowlett this past December. And every Nerf gun used in this epic battle was donated to Buckner Children’s Home, which is received a deluge of over 1,200 of the highly desired foam blasters.

The Guinness Book of World Records has officially listed the Mint Nerf Gun Battle as the largest in the world meaning there were a lot of smiling people which is of course what Mint is all about.

Here is a video of the awesomeness that went down that day!