When people walk in the door of any Mint Dentistry, they can’t help but be blown away by the incredible look and feel of the office. Sabrina Harrison, the wife of Dr. Field Harrison is the amazing decorator, whose talents are now being recognized around the country thanks to her beautiful blog, www.SabrinaHarrison.com.

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Her latest design for our newest office in DeSoto, Texas, puts all of her talent on display.


What’s behind her success? “Whenever I have the task of designing a new office space, I do not take it lightly.  Everything is carefully calculated in each office.  From the rug to the wall art, I have a specific plan to follow when it comes to interior design.  No office space is the same in dimension, so I have to know different sizes, etc. I plan ahead before with my team and I head out to the office that we are furnishing. To me, the easiest way to do this is to map everything out per office location.”

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But the real secret to her success, and Mint’s, is revealed at the bottom of her blog on DeSoto. “Before I am done with an office space, I always make sure to take time and pray over the area. I pray blessings over all of our future patients and staff in every office. . . No room would be complete without the power of prayer.”


People who know Sabrina know her talents are amazing, but that her faith and prayers are truly life changing. While her designs have helped lead to the growth of Mint, her prayers are behind all the healing.