Dr. Field Harrison rated the fifth best dentist in Dallas out of 997 dentists.

But why is that so wrong?

Well, we knew he was good. Even really good. Good enough to launch a one man dental practice 5 years ago and turn it into a 25 office in multiple city locations company. Good enough to have been chosen by Consumers’ Choice as best family dentist, named by Modern Luxury Dallas and Modern Luxury Houston as “Elite Doctor”, and recognized by Living Magazine in Arlington, and the Mid-Cities as “Outstanding Dentist.”

But now RateMDs.com has named Dr. Harrison as the fifth best dentist in Dallas out of almost 1000 dentists.

Fifth best.

Are they kidding?

We know we should be proud. But fifth?

He’s the dentist who created a new surgery technique for lengthening teeth in conjunction with veneers totally revolutionized the procedure. He’s the dentist who launched the International Academy of Elite Cosmetic Dentists to train Mint Dentists and other dentists on the newest techniques. He’s the dentist who freely gives of his time to repair the mouths of veterans injured in battle.

Fifth best?

The only explanation is that someone miscounted the votes.