Patterson Dental and Image Mart are two companies that may mean

nothing to you, but they mean everything to us.


Simply put, we couldn’t open a single dental office without Patterson

Dental. They provide . . . ready . . . office design, technology, hand tools, cad cam solutions, 3D X-ray, inlays, onlays, crowns, veneers, bridges, digital imaging,

dental lights, dental stools, cabinets, hard tissue lasers, sterilizers, instrument washers,

lasers interoral cameras, microscopes, and scalers . . . just to mention a few items.


And we couldn’t staff a single office without Image Mart. They provide virtually all of our uniforms, scrubs, and cool Mint gear you see our 500 employees wear. Image Mart is vital to the well, image, of Mint Dentistry.



To top it off, both of these companies then made hefty donations to our Employee

Christmas Party enabling us to show our 500 employees in Dallas and Houston

the time of their lives.



So a big hug and thank you to Patterson Dental and Image Mart. You each are officially an FOM.