Activated Charcoal Whitening Toothpaste: Does This Really Lead To Beautiful Teeth?

In Four Words: Look At The Picture.screen-shot-2016-10-05-at-3-16-39-pm

 Does this look beautiful, clean and white to you? A mouthful of black sludge? To many women (because only women would fall for this) activated charcoal toothpaste is second only to the fountain of youth for turning dark stained teeth beautiful. But is it safe and effective? And do you really want to try it?

We gently demur.  We won’t call activated charcoal toothpastes – or black sludge for short – quack medicine that something only the truly desperate would try, but why in the world would you? True it’s based on ancient medicine techniques – a grouping that also includes such healing ideas as boring holes in the skull, blood letting, mercury and arsenic consumption, dead mice, fly dung and lizard blood – but it’s been pretty much resolved that ancient medicine techniques is why the ancients died so young.

Which brings us to putting black sludge in your mouth to whiten??? your teeth. Here’s the theory: the black sludge binds to everything in its path—stains, tartar, bacteria, viruses (and maybe even your tonsils). As it takes tartar off the teeth, your teeth actually will get whiter, but it may also bind to medications that the body needs to absorb and even bacteria that you need for digestion. Not to mention you have to keep a mouthful of this sludge in your mouth for five minutes for it even begin to work.


But the reality is it just might not work. A big risk is that non-activated charcoal is extremely dangerous and there isn’t proof that some manufacturers are using the correct type of charcoal. The tooth whitening market is a billion dollar industry, so if black sludge was really safe and effective, the big brands would be all over it. You’d see black sludge advertised on TV, in Vogue and Kendall Jenner would be tweeting about it. In short, if you want whiter teeth, start brushing after each cup of coffee or glass of red wine and book an appointment at Mint for free teeth whitening with PPO dental insurance. It’s proven safe and effective – let’s say those words again – safe and effective. It will whiten your teeth in seven shades in a few days.  And you absolutely will never look like a Halloween mask.