A B O U T   M I N T   T A L K S

We know you’re thinking about our new blog, “Great, you’re going to tell me to brush, floss and rinse every day for twenty years,” so you’re already losing interest.

But hold on. We promise this blog will be as different as Mint Dentistry itself.

Sure, every now and then we’ll chat about teeth, but rarely what you would expect. For instance this issue, we’ll discuss oil pulling, a time-honored way to clean your teeth and refresh your breath that’s been used by your family for 3000 years starting with your earliest ancestors. If you’re from India. And weirdly, it’s making a comeback with vegans who  are emptying store shelves of coconut oil.

We also have a young, hip fashion writer who’ll discuss what hot fashions go with white teeth. Joking about the teeth. But if you want to know what’s cool and trending in fashion or art or music before it hits Instagram, tune in.

And we have other writers ranging from designers to branding experts who’ll chime in on anything interesting that crosses their minds. There will be serious stories too, like ones about military vets who’ve suffered devastating oral injuries that Mint treated with our Keep Smiling Program. These are people you root for.

Plus, where else would you read about the world’s largest Nerf gun battle? Only here.

Most importantly, we need your voice too. So tell us what you think of our stories, what you’d like to hear and information you could live without. We’ll post everything that’s family friendly.

So, here’s issue one of Mint Dentistry Talks. And we have stuff to say.